Watch Eddie Vedder Teams Up With The Who For ‘The Seeker’ Performance

Watch Eddie Vedder Teams Up With The Who For ‘The Seeker’ Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Jason Lewis / Youtube

At a private cancer benefit in Los Angeles on the last weekend of October, Eddie Vedder collaborated with The Who to perform an acoustic version of their 1970 song “The Seeker.”

The show benefited Teen Cancer America, the U.S. arm of Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend’s Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK. It is also noted that Eddie Vedder has performed “The Seeker” as a cover both on his own and during his tenure with Pearl Jam. Like the rest of his contemporaries, he’s never been shy about his admiration for The Who and has frequently complimented the band as much as he could.

Roger Daltrey introduced the song by saying that he wouldn’t be doing the “really loud scream” because he couldn’t “get my balls to drop any further at the moment.” He then allowed the audience to fill in those high-energy gaps.

“The Seeker” was The Who’s first song following the triumph of Tommy, their rock opera. Pete Townshend later admitted that he wrote some of the songs while stumbling about a Florida swamp under the influence of alcohol. The song evidently delves into the challenge of staying true to one’s artistic vision while enjoying massive success.

Watch the magnificent version of these collaborating artists below.