Watch Echo & The Bunnymen Perform ‘The Killing Moon’ Back In 1984

Watch Echo & The Bunnymen Perform ‘The Killing Moon’ Back In 1984 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via dexbam / Youtube

Echo & The Bunnymen are among the long catalog of artists who didn’t receive the right amount of appreciation for their work during their time. But that doesn’t mean that they’re untalented, though. In fact, one of their fantastic songs, “The Killing Moon,” proved to be the pinnacle of the post-punk era.

“The Killing Moon” was released in 1984 as the band’s lead single for their 4th studio album Ocean Rain. It was the song that gave them a spotlight to shine with, and is often cited by many a their “greatest song.” It is often used in films and TV series, cementing its legacy on music forever.

Inside this rare footage of Echo & The Bunnymen’s performance of “The Killing Moon,” can we only share the same sentiments towards the band’s unfathomable greatness. In the live performance, the song achieves a new level of sincerity and power performed at St George’s Hall in May 1984. It’s one of those moments that you’d wished you’d paid much more attention to because there wouldn’t be any other performance as magnificent and as heavy as that.

You can watch Echo & The Bunnymen’s amazing performance of “The Killing Moon” right here.