15 Greatest Love Songs By Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

15 Greatest Love Songs By Emerson, Lake, & Palmer | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Who would’ve thought that one of the greatest and most popular supergroups, Emerson, Lake & Palmer made a mark on love songs like they did in progressive rock jams? ELP was a cut above the rest, making music about love while keeping in mind their innovative ways to improve. Below, we’ll take you on a nostalgic tour with these 15 greatest love songs by ELP. Enjoy!


“Take A Pebble” – Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970)

“Take A Pebble” is the second track from the group’s eponymous album. It stands to be the calming wind after the reckless intro of “The Barbarian.”

“Jeremy Bender” – Tarkus (1971)

One of ELP’s shortest songs of all, “Jeremy Bender” truly is a masterpiece on its own. Its 1 minute and 52 seconds cut tells you a powerful narrative about love and heartbreak at the same time.

“Closer to Believing” – Works Volume 1 (1977)

Greg Lake, the composer, didn’t talk much about the specifics of the song although it can be both viewed as a love song or restored faith after a misfortune.

“Affairs of the Heart” – Black Moon (1982)

It is said that Black Moon was Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s last credible album, with songs that are quite fantastic compared to its other contemporaries. “Affairs of the Heart” is a love ballad with a pleasing orchestration.

“Taste of My Love” – Love Beach (1978)

Love Beach may be the most hated ELP album for many reasons, but the LP had indeed produced a lot of decent love songs. “Taste of My Love” is on the list.

“Still…You Turn Me On” – Brain Salad Surgery (1973)

This timeless classic is considered to be a romantic ballad that balances out all of the belligerent rockinesses of songs inside ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery.

“Lend Your Love To Me Tonight” – Works Volume 1 (1977)

“Arrest the sun and shoot the moon / The lamp of laughter dies too soon,” perhaps this song lends us with one of the group’s most poetic lyrics about needing someone to fill the void in our lives. The song is written by Peter Sinfield and Greg Lake.

“Nobody Love You Like I Do” – Works Volume 1 (1977)

There’s nothing romantic that your favorite supergroup serenades you to pick your partner once again with this lovely ballad written by Sinfield and Lake for the double album Works Volume 1.

“C’est La Vie” – Works Volume 1 (1977)

While on vacation in Paris, Greg Lake was walking down the streets, mesmerized by the beauty of his surroundings. Upon hearing French Singer Edith Piaf’s voice on the radio somewhere, he thought of an idea to write a song with the iconic French phrase “c’est la vie,” meaning, that’s life. This song of his is a fan favorite.

“Watching Over You” – Works Volume 2 (1977)

While Works Volume 2 was created by the group as a place to dump all the excess songs from other albums, it nevertheless, showed a different side of ELP, who are more than willing to change lanes in music. “Watching Over You” is the last track of the album’s side one.

“Love Blind” – Emerson, Lake & Powell (1986)

With the departure of Carl Palmer from the band, Emerson and Lake decided to hire Cozy Powell to fill in the drummer duties. “Love Blind” is a romantic ballad written by both Lake and Emerson.

“Give Me A Reason To Stay” – In The Hot Seat (1994)

The group’s final studio LP was filled with problems left and right, was a commercial flop, and with little to no airplays generated from the radio. “Give Me A Reason To Stay” was an alright track.

“Love At First Sight” – Love Beach (1978)

“Love At Fights Sight” belongs to a 4-part song clocking in on 20 minutes. It is the 2nd part of the track.

“Heart on Ice” – In the Hot Seat (1994)

Co-written by Greg Lake and engineer Keith Olsen, this cheesy song tells us about giving up on love.

“All I Want Is You” – Love Beach (1978)

The band was tumultuous already upon making the Love Beach album, which didn’t seem as though it came from a pioneering prog-rock band. It only spawned 1 single, and that is “All I Want Is You.”