Watch Duff McKagan’s New Video “Fallen”

Watch Duff McKagan’s New Video “Fallen” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Duff McKagan Official / Youtube

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has dropped the music video for “Fallen”, a heartfelt ballad from his 2023 solo album, Lighthouse.

The release comes alongside a touching message from McKagan, detailing the creative process behind the video and expressing his enduring love for his wife, Susan.

McKagan praises director Dan Sturgess’ ability to capture the essence of his relationship with Susan. He describes how Sturgess spent months filming the couple on tour, ultimately crafting a video that perfectly reflects their dynamic – a blend of fun, hard work, and unwavering love.

With this personal video offering a glimpse into McKagan’s life, prepare to dive deeper into the story behind “Fallen” and the inspiration it draws from his enduring love for his wife. 

Duff McKagan on love and inspiration

Duff McKagan offered his thoughts on the track “Fallen” and its accompanying music video:

“It’s true. I have and remain fallen,” he admits. “To be able to express it with lyrics and music is sometimes the difficult bit….but this song is my latest attempt at trying to illuminate what it’s like for me…with Susan”

He continued by acknowledging the work of director Dan Sturgess: “Dan Sturgess spent a few months filming with GN’R on the road in the U.K.,  Europe, and North America. During this time, Dan really got to know Susan and I….or at least how he saw us through his excellent camera work  and editing prowess.”

McKagan also reflected on the experience of being filmed: “I’ve found over the years, that its sometimes a  bit awkward to be comfortable when a camera is rolling, but Dan just  became somewhat invisible, or at least his camera did, when we’d hang  out and travel and do gigs.”

More than just an inspiration

Duff had previously revealed the inspiration behind “Fallen”. He expressed his gratitude for the supportive environment she cultivates, allowing him to fully embrace his creativity.

“I have a good situation at home that she gives me plenty of leeway to be creative. I have a studio. She’s, like, ‘You should get over to the studio. Create something killer today.’ And to have that is awesome,” the rockstar shared.

The couple’s journey together took a new turn as their children grew up and became independent. McKagan acknowledged their pride in their children’s success while noting the unique opportunity this “empty nest” phase presents. He described it as a chance to focus on their relationship and cherish each other’s company.

“So, when I say [in the song] ‘I try to be indecent when that’s what you need’, it kind of means what it says. But it’s a love song for my lovely wife, Susan,” McKagan playfully explains.

“Won’t you be my lighthouse?”

Duff’s love for his wife shines brightly in his third solo album, particularly the title track “Lighthouse”.

“It’s just a straight-up love song to my wife,” McKagan beams, revealing the song’s inspiration. “The song was this simple little three-chord thing. I came up with these melodies and these words, ‘Won’t you be my lighthouse?’— and I knew immediately that’d be about Susan giving me light and bringing me home.”

Released in October, Lighthouse offers a diverse listening experience, spanning streaming, download, physical formats like CDs, cassettes, and LPs.

The album marks a personal journey for McKagan, showcasing his artistic spirit with a blend of acoustic elements and hard rock, creating a unique fusion of introspection and raw energy. The title track was unveiled last summer alongside the album announcement, and its official visualizer can be found on Duff McKagan’s YouTube channel.