Watch Don Felder, John Stamos & Mike Love Team Up For ‘Hotel California’

Watch Don Felder, John Stamos & Mike Love Team Up For ‘Hotel California’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Hollywood Harlots / Youtube

Don Felder may still or may not still have any downward feelings from his ex-bandmates from Eagles, but he would never share any ill sentiment towards his greatest hits while he was still a part of the band. That one hit, “Hotel California,” practically made them extremely famous, and Felder is reaping all of its benefits.

Felder’s contribution is the core of the song: the melody. For many years since its release, “Hotel California” became a classic staple on the band’s concerts. Post-Eagles, Felder remains the man who loves to play his own music, still living the legacy after all this time.

One moment worthy of appreciation is this 2013 jam session of Felder, along with Beach Boys’ Mike Love and John Stamos at the Gibson entertainment relations center located at Beverly Hills. The intimate setting of this private event helped the exclusivity of the three performers, as they lighten up the mood for the surrounding people. (

Felder began to strum his iconic double-neck guitar, which he frequently uses whenever he performs the song. Stamos is behind a set of conga drums, and Love is basically just enjoying the whole show. The familiar rhythm is electrifying, like a feeling you get when you expect something great, then it happens to you. Everybody is having the time of their lives, smiling, taking videos, and singing their hearts out.

You can watch the performance below.