Watch David Gilmour’s Astronomy Domine Live From Abbey Road

Watch David Gilmour’s Astronomy Domine Live From Abbey Road | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via David Gilmour / Youtube

The force of Pink Floyd tripled around the time when David Gilmour joined the band. However, there’s no denying the band’s greatness around the time when Syd Barrett was still the leader of the group.

What’s great about Gilmour is his eagerness to preserve Barrett’s legacy in Pink Floyd in many ways. Apart from talking about him in interviews, Gilmour makes sure that any Pink Floyd song from the Barrett-led era can also be given the same amount of praise just like from the later years. And who could blame him? Songs like “Astronomy Domine,” with a live video featured below show a great example of this.

After a while, Gilmour released another live album in his collection called David Gilmour – Live and In Session in 2006. The album shows the strength of Gilmour’s live play – from his ability to play intense riffs to showing off his powerful vocals – he has it all.

What’s fun about the video shown below is his mini-reunion with fellow Pink Floyd member, Richard Wright filmed live in Abbey Road Studios (the home of the greatest songs of all time). Together, they performed “Astronomy Domine” with ease and confidence, brought up from years of working with one another.

You can watch the video below.