Watch David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid

Watch David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Peter Frampton and David Bowie - MTV News / Youtube

David Bowie’s Glass Spider Tour was an eventful one, especially when it came to the Spanish leg. Reunited with old friend Peter Frampton acting as his then-current touring guitarist, the pair stalk the streets of Madrid, Spain, looking for refreshment in the form of beer.

But before any of this happened, let’s take a look back at the relationship between the two influential rockers of history. Bowie was part of Bromley Technical High School in 1953 and was mentored by no other than Peter’s father, Owen Frampton. According to Owen, “David was quite unpredictable. He was completely misunderstood by most of my teaching colleagues, but in those days, cults were unfashionable and David, by the age of 14, was already a cult figure.”

Frampton, who was three years junior of Bowie, then known as David Jones, was anxious about going to school and asked his father if there were people who liked music there. Owen replied, “There’s this Jones chap…he’s a good artist but he seems to be very much into the music.” The two met for the first time with Bowie playing with his band The Konrads on his saxophone.

Fast forward to the future, Bowie would become an acclaimed figure in the industry due to his charming quirks and talent to match, while Frampton showed promise with his guitar playing and songwriting. Things eventually went downhill for the latter, however, going into a slump by the ’80s until Bowie came to his aid.

In a 2013 conversation with M Magazine, Frampton shared: “The ’80s were a difficult period for me. It wasn’t until my dear friend David Bowie got me out on the road for the Glass Spider tour and on his Never Let Me Down record and reintroduced me as a guitar player around the world. I can never thank him enough for believing in me, and seeing past the image of the satin pants and big hair to the guitar player he first met when we played together in school.”

Watch the two bond in the streets of Madrid as they walk through a throng of fans and onlookers while they search for the coveted drink.