Watch Bruce Springsteen Pay Tribute To Prince With ‘Purple Rain’ Cover

Watch Bruce Springsteen Pay Tribute To Prince With ‘Purple Rain’ Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Stan Goldstein / Youtube

There are only a few musicians in this world that will never be replicated, and Prince belongs to that category. His iconic song, “Purple Rain” will forever be embedded as his greatest one, and the color purple belongs to him. But while Prince as well as his followers are not much of a fan to cover versions of his songs, with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band’s colorful rendition of his most beloved single, we think it’s best to give a pass for it.

To remember the heartfelt tragedy of Prince’s death in 2016, Springsteen knew how to offer his tribute to the late star. Right from the start, this wasn’t an ordinary show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, as the purple lights surrounded the band, and the show started then.

The singer didn’t copy Prince, nor he was trying to do so. He made the version all on his own, just like what the late singer would’ve wanted it. The intensity he built for the performance was clear, as he made sure to capture the loss that the rock world had felt over the death of this talented musician. Nils Lofgren also took the stage with his amazing guitar solo, something that was truly needed to complete the whole ensemble.

By the end of the song’s set, Springsteen, whose eyes are closed, exclaimed: “Prince forever! God bless!” It was truly a remarkable moment for a legend to pay his respect to another legend, whose impact will live for many years to come.