Watch Bob Dylan’s Amazing Neil Young Cover Of “Old Man”

Watch Bob Dylan’s Amazing Neil Young Cover Of “Old Man” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Artur Artist presents "The Casper Collection" / YouTube

Listen to Bob Dylan’s fantastic take on Neil Young’s “Old Man,” and you would know why this man is a living icon. The video can be seen here.

Young was never a fan of being comparisons, but his classic track “Old Man” was one of his biggest singles, second only to “Heart of Gold,” which went up to no. 1. Both songs are featured in the singer’s seminal album, Harvest, released in 1972. The song compares a young man’s life to that of an old man. It shows that the old man used to be like this young man at one point. Young was said to be inspired by writing the song after he met the caretaker of the ranch that he bought for himself in 1970.

Like “Heart of Gold,” the song was also special as it featured James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, two of music’s finest musicians, as backing vocals to Young’s. “It was really exciting,” Ronstadt told Mojo. “I just thought I’ve been part of something really wonderful.” Like Ronstadt, musicians have come and go to appreciate Young’s marvelous song in all sorts of ways – including Dylan, who performed the song to pay tribute to his longtime friend.

It shows sentiment that Dylan would play this gem some 40 years later after the release of this hit. Now closer to its intended meaning, Dylan plays the song, together with his backing band, at the Madison Square Garden in November 2002. Take a look at the video below.