Watch A Full Grand Funk Concert In 1974

Watch A Full Grand Funk Concert In 1974 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via RockMapu / Youtube

The arena rockers Grand Funk Railroad became known for their fantastic performances live. While the band was extremely successful in terms of their concerts in contrast to album sales, GFR pretty much generated 19 albums in their careers.

GFR took their stride in the 70s, where a string of hits, most notably their song, “We’re An American Band” took off well and made the band stars overnight. Mark Farner, Don Brewer, and Mel Schacher were catapulted to fame and had since been known as true live performers on stage. It is therefore not surprising to see as we surf on the internet high-quality footage of Grand Funk Railroad inside one of their concerts in 1974, right inside their Shinin’ On Tour.

When we say the energy, the charisma onstage, and the level of professionalism, GFR has it all, at least inside this hour-long concert. They performed several of their classics, and when the time runs out for the set, they make you want to long for more action!

Check out the band’s track list for the concert here:

“Footstompin’ Music”

“Rock & Roll Soul”


“Shinin’ On”

“The Loco-Motion”

“We’re An American Band”

“T.N.U.C. (With Drum Solo)”

“Inside Looking Out”