Vocalist Gets Assaulted By Santa Clause Onstage

Vocalist Gets Assaulted By Santa Clause Onstage | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Jonny Marion / Youtube

In an unexpected turn of events at a local show in Sacramento, California, the singer of Smack’d Up found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown by none other than Santa Claus himself.

Even for those who might be feeling a bit Grinch-like this Christmas, the video capturing the incident is hard to ignore.

Matt Kupers, the vocalist of Smack’d Up, decided to take a page out of WWE’s playbook, delivering a fiery promo on the crowd in an attempt to rev up the energy.

“Hold up!” Kupers began. “I thought this was Sacramento, California. I didn’t know this was a bitch fin’ state. Motherfer, this is Sactown.”

However, before he could continue, chaos ensued as Santa Claus charged the stage, throwing punches and landing a few strikes of his own. The unexpected scuffle ended with Kupers tripping off the stage and landing on his backside.

The video cuts off abruptly as Kupers regains his footing, leaving viewers uncertain about whether Santa got his comeuppance.

Ironically, the event was a Toys For Tots Benefit show, featuring activities such as pictures with Santa, a hot chocolate station, and an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

It remains to be seen whether this incident affected the charitable spirit of the show or the enjoyment of the Santa pictures station. Despite the unexpected scuffle, the festive atmosphere of the benefit show, designed to spread holiday cheer and support a good cause, may have prevailed.

Watch the amusing clip of the Santa Smackdown below: