Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Do More Shows Before He’s “Finished”

Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Do More Shows Before He’s “Finished” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy on the "Ordinary Man" music video - Ozzy Osbourne / Youtube

In a recent episode of the revived “The Osbournes” podcast, Ozzy Osbourne addressed a disturbing trend on YouTube involving death hoax videos that falsely claimed his demise.

“[They have YouTube clips saying] ‘People who have died today’. And they put it on that I died,” Ozzy said, dismissing the false reports. “I’m not dead. Just a little flesh wound.”

Despite dealing with health challenges, including a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis four years ago, Ozzy remains resolute about his future plans.

“I’m not dead,” he asserted. “I’m not going any-f***ing-where. And I’m gonna go up and do some more gigs before I’m finished anyway.”

The BLACK SABBATH legend, reflecting on his health journey, acknowledged the difficulties but expressed a desire to return to the live stage.

“I’m taking it one day at a time, and if I can perform again, I will,” he shared. “But it’s been like saying farewell to the best relationship of my life.”


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Ozzy emphasized his commitment to genuine performances, ruling out a half-hearted return.

He drew inspiration from Phil Collins, who, despite similar health issues, continues to perform in a wheelchair.

“That’s one of the things I’ve been the most f***ing pissed off at: I never got the chance to say goodbye or thank you,” Ozzy confessed, expressing gratitude to his loyal fans.

“If I can’t continue doing shows on a regular basis, I just want to be well enough to do one show where I can say, ‘Hi guys, thanks so much for my life,'” he added.

Despite recent cancellations and health setbacks, Ozzy’s son, Jack Osbourne, remains optimistic about his father’s musical future.

“I don’t think he’ll tour again,” Jack stated. “But he’s gunning to do one-off shows — like festivals, gigs, things like that.”

Ozzy himself shared his aspirations for the coming year, revealing plans for a new album and a return to touring.

“I’ve had all the surgery now, thank God,” Ozzy disclosed. “I’m getting myself fit. I want to do one more album and then go back on the road.”

While his health hurdles persist, Ozzy Osbourne’s determination to perform and connect with his fans remains unwavering. Despite canceled tours and false death rumors, the iconic musician looks forward to more gigs, expressing gratitude for the support that has sustained his five-plus-decade career.