Vocal Coach Scores Who’s The Best Deep Purple Vocalist

Vocal Coach Scores Who’s The Best Deep Purple Vocalist | I Love Classic Rock Videos


There’s an endless debate on who’s the best singer to ever front the iconic band, Deep Purple. No doubt about that, as the band had undergone numerous changes throughout their career, letting the fans decide on what lineup really was the face of Deep Purple, and what voice would one could think of during discussions.

Lucky for us, a vocal coach by the name of Ken Tamplin has joined in on the debate to weigh in on the choices. In his YouTube channel named Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, the vocal coach elaborately discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the respective Deep Purple singers during their stay inside the band. The three singers in the discussion were Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, and Glenn Hughes.

In the YouTube video, the caption reads: “Deep Purple is often considered to be the pioneers of both heavy metal and modern hard rock and the band featured some of the greatest rock singers in all of rock history.”

“Ian Gillan essentially wrote the book on hard rock and we’ll examine his approach as we compare it alongside Coverdale’s who took over as frontman with little previous experience,” the caption continues. “We’ll also look at Glenn Hughes and see where he stood in the mix as I explore his soulful, wide-ranging voice and what he added to the band.”

If you wish to know the thoughts on who really is the greatest vocalist in Deep Purple coming from a professional, you may check out his video below.