Vinyl Just Had One Of The Best Sales Week In History

Vinyl Just Had One Of The Best Sales Week In History | I Love Classic Rock Videos

A vinyl record - MrVinylObsessive / Youtube

Vinyl has been slowly but steadily making a resurgence as of late but the record format had amazingly shattered records for December – even getting its best sales week ever.

According to Billboard, there were 1.842 million LPs sold in the US in the week leading up to Christmas, ending on the 24th of December. This is the biggest week for the format ever since Nielsen/MRC Data had begun tracking sales information in 1991. This new record broke the previous which presented itself a week prior, clocking in at 1.445 million pieces of vinyl sold between December 10 and 17.

This is a historic record for vinyl, as for the first time in 34 years, LP sales overtook CD sales during four separate weeks in September 2020, a 2019 prediction that came to fruition as the format is on its 12th straight year of steady growth.

While Paul McCartney’s McCartney III was the top-selling vinyl for the said record week, statistics indicate that indie and underground acts comprised over 733,000 units over the ex-Beatles’ 32,000 units.

This resurgence of interest in vinyl records spells good news for the music industry, with figures still expected to rise in the following years.