Vince Gill Picked Up A Guitar And The Room Did Something Unexpected

Vince Gill Picked Up A Guitar And The Room Did Something Unexpected | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Constituting America / Youtube

Vince Gill earned the name of one of the most respectable artists in the country music genre. Both his skills as a wonderful singer and songwriter put him in high demand with the other artists who wished to share their talents with this beloved country legend.

But among other things, Gill is also a valuable man to his friends and the people who knew him. With a very pleasing personality and a sheer knack for making good friends both business and personal, he is indeed a man you sure want to make acquaintances with.

Perhaps, that’s what happened during the visit of a group named Constituting America inside Gill’s home studio. Gill invited the group to spend time with him, to get to know them, and their primary goal which is to teach the young children of America all about the US constitution. Gill, at one point, became a mentor to this advocacy, so it is only fair for him to know the people behind this org.

Inside the clip provided below, something magical happened when Vince Gill and the group hung out and talked about music. All of a sudden, when Gill picked a guitar and gave another to a guest, they started singing the classic hymn “How Great Thou Art.” Joy Frost joined the country singer for a duet that you couldn’t forget.

It was unexpected and it all turned out remarkable and fine. For that reason, Gill never disappoints his fans with his talent and the level of kindness he can provide.

You can watch the video clip here.