Uncovering Sammy Hagar’s Pre-Show Ritual Prayer

Uncovering Sammy Hagar’s Pre-Show Ritual Prayer | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Sammy Hagar in a 2019 interview - JennyMcCarthyTV / Youtube

Sammy Hagar recently shared the intricacies of his pre-show ritual during an episode of Storytime with Sammy Hagar on Twitter. Unveiling a unique practice, Hagar’s routine involves a personalized prayer crafted by the musician himself.

Diverging from the conventional pre-show rituals that often encompass vocal warm-ups, quick rehearsals, or mental preparations, Hagar’s approach leans towards the spiritual. Prior to taking the stage, the rockstar engages in a collective ritual with his bandmates, forming a circle and joining hands. However, there is also a personal prayer that Hagar recites before embarking on any endeavor, including his performances.

Reflecting on his onstage ritual, Hagar shared, “You know, I’ve always had some ritual. With Joe Satriani and Chickenfoot, we always put our hands like this [on top of each other] and did this thing. We said something, we would say some word, and we’d all repeat it. But for me, I have a prayer that I wrote, and Kari [Karte, wife] and I use this prayer before we fly. We use it before we do things; when we have a family gathering, we say it.”

Describing the essence of the prayer, Hagar elaborated, “It’s basically, we thank God for the love and the light, for allowing the light to pass through us and touch all those we come in contact with. We thank God for the opportunity to bring love and joy to all the people tonight and for the ability to do a perfect job. I am the resurrection and the life, and that’s a prayer that I wrote about the resurrection and the life, which is the ‘I am’ consciousness. We do that, but before we do that, I usually do a shot of tequila.”


The prayer’s emphasis on light, love, and resurrection offers a glimpse into the spiritual dimension of the Red Rocker. This revelation provides fans with a newfound understanding of the driving force behind Hagar’s captivating stage performances. For Sammy Hagar, the show commences with hands united in a circle, a heartfelt prayer, and a shot of tequila.