Wolfgang Shares Unexpected Inspiration In His Music

Wolfgang Shares Unexpected Inspiration In His Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Mammoth WVH / YouTube

Wolfgang Van Halen recently sat down for an interview with Linearock, where he delved into his career and shared insights about his upcoming album. The discussion took an interesting turn when interviewer Barbara Caserta drew a parallel between Van Halen’s early albums and Mammoth WVH’s debut and sophomore records, particularly noting the similarity in their names. Intrigued, she questioned the content of the new album, Mammoth II, wondering if it would possess a more intense and hungry quality compared to its predecessor.

Wolfgang responded with a touch of humor, playfully correcting Caserta’s assumption about his inspiration and confessing, “Yeah. Well, one correction is that rather than following Van Halen, I’m ripping off Led Zeppelin.” He then went on to explain the sound that he incorporated into the upcoming project.

He later stated, “Second of all, I think, after touring for two years and just really getting to experience the live setting with the band, I think you can hear a lot on this new album of just stuff that was written with the live show in mind. Just progressive, exciting, hard rock songs.”

Fans have already been treated to a glimpse of what Mammoth II has in store with the release of its lead single, “Another Celebration at the End of the World.” The anticipation grows as the full album is set to arrive on August 4, promising even more to discover and enjoy.