There Will Never Be Another Elvis Like Elvis In 1956

There Will Never Be Another Elvis Like Elvis In 1956 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Ed Sullivan Show / Youtube

The king of rock and roll has once again stolen the hearts of many for his very first appearance in the Ed Sullivan Show back in 1956. The show garnered a total of 60 million viewers who were waiting to see the handsome fella perform a series of songs at the beloved late-night program.

At the Ed Sullivan Show, the young Elvis wore a plaid jacket, talking to the audience about the likes of his new song, “Love Me Tender” as as “completely different” from the singer’s previous songs. He proceeded to sing lovingly and warmly, the record that broke all the records at that moment onwards.

Presley, at this moment, was promoting his first-ever movie entitled Love Me Tender (1956). The title of the movie was initially named Reno Brothers, but due to Presley’s extravagant success of him performing his song “Love Me Tender” at the show, it eventually imitated the song’s title to boost ticket sales for Presley’s debut film.

You can watch the full video here.