The Wildest Jerry Lee Lewis Songs Ever!

The Wildest Jerry Lee Lewis Songs Ever! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jerry Lee Lewis live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 1983 - Fyreee / Youtube

A true-blue rock pioneer should personify the genre itself. Jerry Lee Lewis was such personification, rightly earning the nickname, “rock n’ roll’s first great wild man“. Quite a mouthful to say, but just as fitting. Lewis was pivotal in setting the standard for rock n’ roll and rockabilly, with quite an attitude to boot. While some might say modern rockstars are too much to handle, Lewis provided the template of screw-loose rock n’ roll hero to the masses. The Killer, as he’s fondly referred to as, has a plethora of hits that made his career successful through the years. Here are the essential tracks from the man, Jerry Lee Lewis himself.

“Breathless” – (1958)

The Otis Blackwell composition did not perform that well initially, compared to its succeeding singles, but eventually caught on. The fast-paced arrangement featured that signature Lewis energy, with a prominent bass riff over the piano progression. Lewis playfully accents the song with his vocal flair, often pausing to reset the hype of the track.

“Great Balls Of Fire” – (1957)

This is as wild as The Killer gets. Even with almost six decades down the line, the track still contains that scathing energy Lewis gave it, from the piano trills, furious bass and drum progressions, and Lewis shouting, “Goodness gracious, Great Balls of Fire!”

“Mean Woman Blues” – Live At The Star Club (1964)

Lewis borrowed from King Elvis, for a wilder rendition of the track. Recorded on his live album of 1964, Lewis’ version of “Mean Woman Blues” features his signature speed and intensity, and ever the showman, The Killer showcases his fiery piano skills for everyone to enjoy.

“High School Confidential” – (1958)

Starting of with a teasing on and off sequence, “High School Confidential” bursts into life with Lewis’ full piano sound laying a blanket of vitality on the track. Lewis’ vocals are impressive as ever, with that certain rich tone that perfectly accents the high register of his piano parts, making the track quite fun to listen to.

“Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Goin’ On” – (1957)

Borrowing from the Big Maybelle original, Lewis’ own rendition of the classic brought it new life, with a distinct rockabilly flavor featuring tasteful riffs of guitar and piano parts all around it. The Killer’s energy is unrivaled, even by contemporaries, infecting the audience with his vigorous performance and added antics at every show.