The Weirdest Classic Rock Bands That People Loved

The Weirdest Classic Rock Bands That People Loved | I Love Classic Rock Videos

GG Allin, The Murder Junkies' extreme frontman - Getty Images

The weirder, the better, right?

From the slightly odd to the grossly deviant, rock has been a safe haven for weirdos. The genre seemed to entice bizarreness from anything humanly possible, some even beyond ethics and sanity. While these bands are too much for the usual crowd, occult fanatics and nonconformists thrive on their more unconventional offerings. Halloween’s still miles away, but we’re bringing the horror right here and now. Get ready for the strangest bands to ever grace rock  music.

Tool (1990-present)

A more modern take on progressive rock, Tool takes a spot in our list of weirdos. With highly suggestive videos and creepy visuals, the band takes its music videos to another level. Using stop animation elements, eerie atmospheres are conjured, some with vivid enough imagery to summon personal attachment to them.

Mr. Bungle (1985-2000)

Headed by a well-known bizarre connoisseur Mike Patton, Mr. Bungle was well aware of its status as one of the weirdest bands to ever exist. They are known for eccentric live show settings, with costumes ranging from stockings to the face, to bondage gear borne out of BDSM’s greatest kinks. These guys knew how to put up a show, albeit an odd one.

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention (1964-1975)

Frank Zappa’s range and flexibility showed over his outlandish genres and styles that he adapted. Avant-garde as most critics would say, he was a part of almost 60 albums that spanned from rock to classical. What fans love about him, though, is his impeccable sense of humor. Zappa is the personification of the elusive melting pot of music.

GG Allin and The Murder Junkies (1990-1993)

Though the band has been reformed, none matched the era with GG Allin in tow. Born Jesus Christ Allin, he set out to become one of the sickest, extremely disturbing acts in rock history. Known to purposely take laxatives before shows, GG Allin liked to defecate while performing, and proceeding to whirl fecal material at the audience. He also used a lot of blood and nudity in their live shows. He even made several attempts of suicide on stage. Talk about commitment.

Zolar X (1973-1981)

The first glam rock band to arise from the City of Angels, Zolar X took to space with their extraterrestrial motif. Probably borrowing from Ziggy Stardust’s fashion statement, the band was known to wear skin-tight suits and shiny thingamabobs with antennae protruding from them. What’s even more incredible is the crafting of their own alien language. This convincing act was highly regarded by fans yet also heavily considered comical by critics.

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