Comfortably Numb Played On A Harp Guitar Sounds Like A Golden Age Cover

Comfortably Numb Played On A Harp Guitar Sounds Like A Golden Age Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jamie Dupuis' cover of Comfortably Numb is nothing short of stunning - Jamie Dupuis / Youtube

Pink Floyd’s music is as raw as you can get to human emotion. Though not the most complicated in progressions and riffs, every note hits a chord in the very fiber of one’s humanity. “Comfortably Numb” is one such song that taps into the deepest feelings, with its incredible melancholic melodies and heartfelt riffs. Gilmour and Waters’ creative collaboration allowed the two sides of the coin to harmoniously co-exist with each other. Pink Floyd has always been a go to for profound yet intense masterpieces, a gentle breakdown of humanity’s emotional defenses.

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A Youtuber by the name of Jamie Dupuis has got audiences spellbound by his captivating cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb“. What’s even more amazing is he managed to pull off his rendition with a somewhat rare instrument. The elusive harp guitar was used to replicate the feeling of a multi-instrument ensemble, while preserving the solemnity of the song. His rendition has gathered almost 3.5 million views, testament to the genius songwriting talent of Pink Floyd, and his utmost dedication to bring justice to the song.

While a heavy load to bear upon one’s shoulders, Dupuis demanded respect with his performance of the song. He managed to preserve the original feeling of the track, while adding a distinct uniqueness with his delivery. It may be technical to just know the notes and play the song based off it, but he did not settle for any less. The sublime approach is not to be made light of, as it brings an inner calm to the track along with its melancholy. The signature ending riff was done with a stratocaster, bringing a familiar grit and heart-tugging experience to the listener. All in all, Jamie Dupuis steals the scene with this top-notch rendition of “Comfortably Numb“. Any sane Pink Floyd fan would do well to appreciate and stir their dormant emotions with this astonishing performance. Click on the video below to check it out!