The Time Steve Perry Returned Onstage After 19 Years With “Open Arms”

The Time Steve Perry Returned Onstage After 19 Years With “Open Arms” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For!

It took 19 years after his exit from Journey, but it finally happened: Steve Perry stepped back onstage for the very first time! Out of the public eye for decades, Steve’s led a pretty quiet life following his departure from Journey – so quiet, that rumors ran rampant about his retirement being due to having lost the voice that caused Jon Bon Jovi to affectionately dub him, “The Voice”.

However, in 2014 fans of alternative rock band the Eels were treated to the surprise of a lifetime when Steve Perry walked onstage and, after picking up the microphone to launch into a cute story about his first love, began to belt the Journey classic “Open Arms”.

Fun Fact: Perry cites late soul singer Sam Cooke as a major influence.

If anyone ever belonged onstage, it’s Steve! – at 65 years old, he’s still absolutely magnetic. Sure, his voice has a slightly raspy quality to it, but hey – much like a fine wine, Steve has only gotten better with age! Could this be a hint at a possible return to the stage – maybe even with Journey, one day? Who knows, and “The Voice” himself even says, “Never say never”. Until then, I think it’s safe to say that this triumphant return to the stage is everything we’ve ever wanted from the ex-Journey singer!