The Stunning Transformation Of Stevie Nicks Throughout The Years

The Stunning Transformation Of Stevie Nicks Throughout The Years | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Buckingham Nicks shows the early emergence of Stevie Nicks' greatest songwriting talents. Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images

As one of the most well-known musicians in the world, Stevie Nicks has never been shy about discussing the highs and lows of her career. Buckingham Nicks, a duo album by Stevie Nicks and her then-lover and frequent musical collaborator Lindsey Buckingham, was released in 1973 and marked the beginning of Nicks’ remarkable career. The next year, the two would join Fleetwood Mac, and the rest is, of course, written in the canonical classic rock history that one could never forget.

Nicks is known for her work in Fleetwood Mac, most especially with the band’s most popular and arguably the greatest album of all, the 1977 Rumours. She has also achieved success as a solo artist, penning some classic favorite tunes such as “Leather and Lace,” the Tom Petty collaboration “Stop Dragging My Heart Around,” “Edge of Seventeen,” “Wild Heart,” and a lot more worth mentioning.

But you might be surprised that Nicks had lived a childhood that’s a bit uncommon for the rest of the youngsters during her generation. If you’re curious enough about Nicks’ life and the start of her career, you may want to take a look at this YouTube video detailing the superstar’s personal and career life for over 9 minutes.

The video, courtesy of the YouTube channel The List, consequently answers the life of Stevie Nicks, from childhood up to becoming one of rock’s most recognizable artists. With that in mind, you can check out the full video below.