The Story Of How Paul McCartney Learned About George Harrison’s Death

The Story Of How Paul McCartney Learned About George Harrison’s Death | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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At the age of 58, George Harrison was confirmed dead from a long and hard battle of lung cancer. The news that broke stunned the whole world who mourned once again from the loss of another Beatle.

Like the good person that he is, he brought joy for the people who continued to uplift his career post-Beatles. He managed to bring his ideal philosophies into life through music, which helped in shaping the new face of the modern rock era.

Though Harrison’s loss was a painful one for his fans, nothing could beat the emotional struggle and hurt that came from his closest friends and family. Along with this is his good friend and former bandmate, Paul McCartney.

As the tabloids crowded in front of McCartney’s estate in Sussex to immediately capture his response to the news, Paul’s approach was calm as he answered them. The news was very sad for him and continued to tell that he had known his illness for quite some time and hoped that the media would be nice to George’s wife, Olivia.

As another reporter asked about his friendship with him, Paul simply said that he was lucky enough to see him some weeks ago from his death, stating that he was a fantastic guy with a humorous mind, albeit being the quiet one among the group.

Having survived that knife attack coming from a fan who broke inside his house, Paul reassured everyone that George went on peacefully. And that his death was “a blessed release” from all the problems he had spent before his final moments.