The Story Of Billy Gibbons Meeting Jimi Hendrix Pre-ZZ Top

The Story Of Billy Gibbons Meeting Jimi Hendrix Pre-ZZ Top | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Alex Gallardo / Youtube

Jimi Hendrix was the guitar hero that everyone idolizes. His skills as a master guitarist inspired generations of artists who wish to do it the way Hendrix did it. Fortunately, there’s only one him, and to have him adore your work as a guitarist could be the biggest compliment you could ever receive, and Bill Gibbons sure have the fair share for that praise.

Before the days of his ZZ Top began, Gibbons belonged to a group named The Moving Sidewalks, whose song “99th Floor” gave them a kickback to success. Therefore, they were opening for bands like Jim Morrison’s The Doors, etc. Until one request from a certain rock-star changed his whole life as a musician.

As suggested by Hendrix, a promoter asked Gibbons if he would be glad to join as an opening act to a group named The Jimi Hendrix experience, a request that blew his mind and immediately said yes to. During the rehearsals, Billy once caught Hendrix in the shadows while they were rehearsing, and a smiling Hendrix said:

“I like you; you got a nerve.”

More so, Gibbons shared how Hendrix became friendly with him, and even go as far as to make his room adjacent to that of Billy’s. The two shared a special bond, and Gibbons’ admiration for the late star is still as huge from the moment he met him.