The Rolling Stones to Release Havana Concert Film to Drive-In Theaters

The Rolling Stones to Release Havana Concert Film to Drive-In Theaters | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Rolling Stones live in 2016 - The Rolling Stones / Youtube

The Rolling Stones are gearing to release the concert film The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon to drive-in movie theaters in the US and Canada this summer. It was filmed in Havana, Cuba in 2016 and will screen beginning July 10 while following specific state reopening protocols for COVID-19 and will be delivered through the band’s partnership with CineLife Entertainment.

The said film documents the Stones’ March 2016 concert at Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana sports complex and was dubbed as the largest open-air rock event at the time, due to the genre’s banning since the Cuban revolution. Then-US President Barack Obama made his first visit to the country just five days before the Stones concert.

Director Paul Dugdale and producer Simon Fisher had The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon prepped for a one-night international premiere while debuting in the US on-demand via Starz.

In a statement, Dugdale said: “I’m so thrilled that Havana Moon has found its way back onto the big screen, particularly during such a strange time for live music. The Rolling Stones concert was the first of its kind in Havana, and I hope the unprecedented absence of live music during the COVID-19 crisis means this film brings almost as much elation and joy to those watching it now through CineLife as it did the people of Havana back on that special night. Turn it up loud!”