The Reason Paul McCartney Turned Down An Ozzy Teamup

The Reason Paul McCartney Turned Down An Ozzy Teamup | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney in an interview with Al Roker - TODAY / Youtube

Ozzy Osbourne wouldn’t have made it in the music industry if it weren’t for the Beatles. As a major fan of the Fab Four’s work, he credits them as his inspiration for pursuing music, and his dreams of collaborating with at least one of them have been a goal he has never yet achieved.

In an interview, Osbourne revealed his deep love for the Beatles, which started in his teenage years. “My son always says to me, ‘What was it like when The Beatles happened?’” Osbourne recalled. “All I can really say to him to is: ‘Imagine going to bed in one world, and then waking up in another that’s so different and exciting that it makes you feel glad to be alive.’” He also recalled his first time listening to the band’s “She Loves You” on the radio, which made his head turn around.

The Prince of Darkness’ devotion to the Beatles goes far beyond his formative years. Since hearing “She Loves You” on the radio, his life has changed dramatically, and he has a deep sense of appreciation for the band. With that in mind, you could say that in the long years of his active career, he would pursue a collaboration with the Beatles; the answer would be yes. However, it was on The Beatles’ behalf, particularly with Paul McCartney, that his advances would often get rejected.

In a Heat interview, Osbourne recalled the time when he met his childhood idol. Coincidentally the two were in the same studio, so Osbourne grabbed the chance to open the possibility for a collaboration. However, he was left speechless when Macca replied that he “couldn’t improve on the bassline that was there. I said, ‘Are you kidding? You could piss on the record and I’d make it my life.” The collab never happened, but wouldn’t it be great if it did?