The Most Tearjerker On-Stage Classic Rock Moments Ever

The Most Tearjerker On-Stage Classic Rock Moments Ever | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian May performing Love of My Life with Freddie's recorded video - orlandy101 / Youtube

The stage has been a canvas where an artist can express his feelings freely, and more than a few moments of extreme emotions have been caught on camera. While most artists are reserved with their show of emotions onstage, the spur of the moment can catch them by surprise. Some were subtle shows of tears, while others a bawling of grief. Whatever the reason may be, this is proof that behind the stage lights and the screech of instruments is a naked, soul also capable of emotions.

In this following compilation of the most tear-jerking moments on stage by these rockers, we see the human side of the rock industry, a vulnerable show of sentimentality.

At Corey Taylor’s solo concert in 2011, he performed an acoustic version of “Snuff” by his band, Slipknot. It was only a year since the death of Slipknot’s bassist, Paul Gray, due to morphine overdose and worsening heart conditions. Midway through the song, Taylor was struggling to keep his emotions at bay, and by the end of it, he released the pent-up sadness with a heartfelt breakdown on stage. The crowd was moved by this, and responded with a roaring round of applause for the singer.

Chester Bennington’s suicide in July of 2017 shook the music industry with great magnitude. The iconic frontman was known for his unwavering vocals’ duality, artistic musicianship, and overall charisma. Linkin Park’s multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda took a year off after Bennington’s death, before going on with his solo career. In 2018’s Reading Festival, Shinoda made a speech to the audience, sharing how getting back on the stage helped him overcome the grief of his friend’s death.

Another instance was Queen’s maestro guitarist Brian May’s solo show in Brazil. It has been tradition when performing the song “Love Of My Life“, that the audience have a part of the song to be sung, as what Freddie Mercury did when he was still alive. Mercury’s pre-recorded video sings along with the crowd in his place, and never fails to amaze even in his absence. Brian May remembered his dear friend like it was only yesterday through the melancholic song, wiping a tear off his cheek at the end of the performance.

Check out these heart-tugging moments and more in the video below!