The Most Devastating Deaths In Classic Rock In The Last 3 Years

The Most Devastating Deaths In Classic Rock In The Last 3 Years | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eddie Van Halen Dies at 65 after cancer battle - CNN /YouTube

From the different eras of classic rock, we will always remember the life and wonder that the artists have given to us in music. Whether you’re a famous star or a one-hit-wonder, the memories that each star has endowed upon the movement of art through songs will never be forgotten. And so are the people who are behind it.

Mark E. Smith (d. Jan. 24, 2018)

Smith is a singer/songwriter from the England punk band called The Fall. He died from a long battle of kidney and lung cancer.

Nokie Edwards (d. Mar. 12, 2018)

Nokie Edwards was among the founding members of the popular 60s band, The Ventures. He died after the severe complications of his hip surgery.

Danny Kirwan (d. June 8, 2018)

He is among the lineup of the group Fleetwood Mac during the Buckingham/Nicks epoch. He died due to pneumonia.

Peter Tork (d. Feb. 21, 2019)

Peter Tork is best known as a part of the 60s group called The Monkees. He died from Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare head, and neck cancer.

Eddie Money (d. Sept. 13, 2019)

Money became a popular artist when he created numerous top 40 songs that we still hear today. He died due to esophageal cancer complications.

Ginger Baker (d. Oct. 9, 2019)

Baker’s reputation as the “first superstar drummer” of rock definitely shows his large contributions to the genre. Unfortunately, he died in 2019 due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other mild complications.

Neil Peart (d. Jan. 7, 2020)

Among the legendary drummers to exist in rock, Neil Peart from Rush belongs to the category. He died in the early January of 2020 with Glioblastoma, cancer in the brain.

Bill Withers (d. Mar. 30, 2020)

Perhaps you know Withers from his chart-topping singles and incredible songs in the earlier times of classic rock. He died due to heart complications.

Jack Sherman (d. Aug 18, 2020)

Sherman is the 2nd guitarist of the 80s band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and went to proceed with collaborations with prominent artists like Bob Dylan, Peter Case, etc. He died from a heart attack.

Eddie Van Halen (d. Oct. 6, 2020)

Eddie Van Halen is the founder of the group Van Halen that became a staple to the rock genre’s music. He died from his long battle with throat cancer.