The Marvin Gaye song that was “so influential” for Joni Mitchell

The Marvin Gaye song that was “so influential” for Joni Mitchell | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Joni Mitchell - MrGrapeKoolayd / Youtube

We all know Joni Mitchell for her incredible musical talents. While she dominated mostly on folk songs, in the long span of her career, she also managed to experiment with a handful of styles that range from jazz, rock, country, and etc.

Known as the “Queen of Folk,” Mitchell has made a name for herself by masterfully integrating genre, style, and feeling into a fabric of songs that will captivate us for some time. And while we adore her unique approach to making songs, like many others, Mitchell drew inspiration with her music; ranging from her contemporaries such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan, or even the few unexpected ones like pop singer Marvin Gaye.

During an interview for her 2006 CD release, Work That Matters to Her, Mitchell cited “Trouble Man” by Marvin Gaye as a song that was “very influential to my music.” The song, which was released in 1972 and served as the theme song for the movie of the same name, became one of Marvin Gaye’s well-beloved tracks.

“I had this song on an album,” Mitchell explained. “And I kept the needle on this track – playing it over and over. It was so influential to my music and my singing.” Gaye went on to describe the song as one of the most genuine he had ever composed, which may have been the initial point of admiration for the folk singer.

Listen to “Trouble Man” below.