The Legendary Singers That Have Unique Voices

The Legendary Singers That Have Unique Voices | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Janis Joplin - criterioncollection / Youtube

The names of gorgeous troupers and lulling crooners generally spring to mind when we think of great vocalists, but what about those with really distinctive voices? Some of the most iconic voices in history, however, are not your typical ones; rather, they are so singular in tone and style that we can’t help but listen whenever they let out a cry. Prepare your mind and ears as we take you to these 8 artists whose popularity also relies on the fact that they have incredibly unique vocal tones.


Eddie Vedder

It’s safe to say that Eddie Vedder has influenced an entire generation of singers that are as deep as they are gruff. It’s not necessary to understand every word to appreciate the depth of feeling in “Yellow Ledbetter” or “Lukin” by this artist.

Tom Waits

If you’ve ever tried to convert an uninitiated listener to Tom Waits, you know how often you’ll be forced to justify your taste in music. His low, often droning voice may be mistaken for a drunken slur rather than the work of a lyrical genius. This latter reality can’t be denied after a second or third thought.

Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee’s speaking voice belies the fact that he is a talented singer. We couldn’t see anybody else at the helm of Rush’s music than Lee, despite the fact that his high notes sometimes make the entrance barrier a bit steeper.

Axl Rose

Slash clearly remembers the first time he heard Axl Rose’s voice in song, which for him sounded “like a tape malfunction when he squealed” that high. Slash wrote in his autobiography that “it sounded like the squeak that a cassette makes just before the tape snaps—except it was in key.”

Robert Plant

Only Robert Plant, it seems, could write and sing about the kind of lyrical imagery seen in many Led Zeppelin songs, which conjures up visions of otherworldly landscapes and the holy. His voice is a natural choice for this sort of ceremony since it has an otherworldly quality of its own.

Neil Young

Even if Neil Young’s voice had held him back at the beginning of his career, it was evident from his first solo singles that no one but Young should perform his songs. There’s no chance another person would have arrived at the same conclusion about his lyrics.

Janis Joplin

The force of Janis Joplin’s performance was undeniable. Despite the fact that her career was cut tragically short, her shrill singing voice has made her a legend. To this day, no one can match her versatility.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan altered the way the world values great vocalists. His voice has evolved with time, yet it is still immediately recognizable as Bob Dylan’s.