The Legendary Rock Band That Never Got A Number One Hit

The Legendary Rock Band That Never Got A Number One Hit | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Having a number one single used to be a goal of every band, as it was seen as crucial to their dreams of becoming famous. However, this is proven to be of false narrative; in fact, there are still several artists and bands who never achieved this feat, yet still managed to fill in stadiums with sold-out concert tickets and millions of fans who adore them.

You might be surprised to see that for a band as legendary and long-lasting as The Who, they’ve never had a song that topped the charts in the United States and even the United Kingdom. Sure, with them selling over 100 million records worldwide, they are one of the most successful bands of all time. However, none of their singles have ever hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 – which was pretty bizarre if you’d ask us.

The Who have experienced a lot of near misses during the course of their history. In 1965, the group’s single “My Generation” proved that they were among Britain’s most threatening bands, although it only reached number two on the charts. They placed second again the following year with “I’m A Boy,” and then again with “Happy Jack” and “Pictures of Lily,” all of which were released in the next two years.

Enter Quadrophenia and The Who became a household name. But despite the fame, The Who never had a song that they could proudly shout at top of their lungs as their no. 1 hit. Still, with their impressive catalog of songs and an army of fans, young and old, do they still ever want to wish for that?