The Last Performance Of John Denver

The Last Performance Of John Denver | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Denver's Last Public Performance, Oct 5 1997 - sotvomike / Youtube

John Denver the Mountain Man is a celebrated American singer-songwriter known for his contributions to folk music, as well as rock and country. Beginning his musical activities in the early sixties, Denver hit it big with folk groups, and eventually moved on to become a solo act, becoming one of the most revered acoustic artists of all time. Denver has over 300 songs released under his name, totaling over 33 million record sales worldwide.

Denver’s thematic approach to his music involved nature and country life in general, sometimes showing frustration for urbanized living, singing along with his love for music and other personal adversities. More than being an artist, Denver was also a political activist and a humanitarian at heart, showing his concern by voicing out environmental concerns, as well as welfare for indigenous peoples. He mostly focused on sustainability and conservation projects, seeing the major world hunger problem as an absolute menace to get rid of.

In celebration of John Denver’s accomplishments and principles, here is his final public performance before passing away from a tragic plane crash on October 12, 1997.