The Last Performance Of Duane Allman

The Last Performance Of Duane Allman | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Duane Allman live - GermanOperaSinger / Youtube

The Allman Brothers Band wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the persistence of Duane Allman. Quickly assembling his crew at the sight of an opportunity, Duane was the origin of one of the most acclaimed rock outfits of all time. The Allman Brothers Band brought their own brand of southern rock to the scene, dismantling any pretense the industry had for the genre.

The band brought influences from jazz and the blues into their music, weaving their own spin on the craft to become one of the most recognizable rock artists of all time. From their highly successful studio album releases, to the stratospheric Live At Fillmore East album only proved one thing: the Allmans were just as good, if not better during their live performances.

However, like most prominent rock acts, the fame and fortune garnered by The Allman Brothers Band came with a price. To cope up with the rigors of the road, the members turned to recreational substances. This didn’t bode well for each of them, obviously, causing erratic behavior and encounters with law enforcement. However, this dependence on these substances seemed to further the band’s musical prowess, producing some of the most profound rock creations in their prime.

But everything up must come down. After the band had decided to take some time off the road in October 1971, something unexpected happened. Duane was riding his Harley Davidson down Macon when he swerved to avoid an oncoming truck. He was flung from his bike, which landed on top of him. The singer-songwriter succumbed from multiple internal injuries on the 29th of October.

Relive his performance at Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA just two weeks before the tragic accident happened.