The Last Greatest Classic Rock Band That Can Exist

The Last Greatest Classic Rock Band That Can Exist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Stevie Riks / Youtube

Following the recent controversy of Paul McCartney’s comments about the Rolling Stones being nothing but a “blues cover band,” we can finally agree to the conclusion that the two biggest rock groups of all were indeed rivals. We cannot exactly pinpoint when and how did the said “rivalry” between the two exist, yet we are left with the question of whys.

Come to think of it, becoming a member of any of the two bands is more than what one could hope for. After all, they both spearheaded the “British invasion” in the US; these two innovative bands that emerged in the 60s remain as impactful as they were in their formative years. But what could happen if these two biggest bands who walked on Earth all come together right now and form the brightest and the most legendary classic rock supergroup to turn the world upside down? Would that be such a good thing?

Hear us out: for many years, The Rolling Stones remain actively touring and releasing new songs. Critics often heralded them as one of the most “solid rock bands” of today, remaining intact for more at least 5 decades. However, that didn’t stop them from experiencing some major personnel changes though. The first one to leave was guitarist Ian Stewart then by another guitarist Brian Jones, followed by Mick Taylor, and then by bassist Bill Wyman. As of 2021, Stones lost their drummer, Charlie Watts and now, the classic lineup present is composed of Mick Jagger on vocals and Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood as guitarists.

On the case for the Beatles, they achieved their superstardom success in the whole decade of the 60s so it’s just pure heroic of them. Even to this day, their major influences in music can still be heard; a lot of musicians idolized the Fab Four for their innovative ideas in creating songs. When Paul McCartney announced his departure from the group, it was the go signal for the band to dissolve. And in terms of availability, John Lennon was murdered in 1980, and George Harrison died of cancer in 2005. And so, we have bassist Paul McCartney and drummer Ringo Starr to continue the band’s legacy.

While rock legends can never be replaced by anyone, it seems fitting to assume that the two bands could fill in the missing puzzle pieces together. If there ever is a possibility for merging the two, it would definitely bring hope and courage for many that anything is possible.

But let’s assume that in the fantasy-driven musical utopia we are imagining, anything can happen in an instant. We’ll say that the Stones and the Beatles did hold each other hand-to-hand, and created music that best describes the personalities of the two. “Come Together,” “A Day in the Life,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and “Honky Tonk Womencould pass on as their get-together songs, showing diversity on each track and intensifying the flames of making music that isn’t throwaways or fillers. It’s the best among the rest as it describes the band’s personal touch while taking note that together, they made a bold move on utilizing exceptional elements to their songs, not just blues or psychedelia.

With this unique entry into the world of music, it’s the biggest supergroup that one could ever imagine. If only the world isn’t fueled with individuals who do not hesitate to clash their egos, then there might be room for something so legendary and something classic that will remain forever iconic in the annals of the music industry. But one could only dream.