The Killers Have A New Song With Lindsey Buckingham – Listen Here

The Killers Have A New Song With Lindsey Buckingham – Listen Here | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Killers for Mr. Brightside's music video - TheKillersMusic / Youtube

The Killers have enlisted the help of ex-Fleetwood Mac legend Lindsey Buckingham for their new single, “Caution”.

Opening the song is an ethereal intro with frontman Brandon Flowers’ vocals welcoming the listener with the lyrics: “There is nothing I wouldn’t do / There is nothing I wouldn’t give,” just as the band goes into maximum overdrive. Flowers seems to be channeling his inner Bruce Springsteen here (he is a hardcore fan), exploding as he delivers the chorus section.

Lindsey Buckingham is introduced into the fray somewhere in the three-minute mark. Here, the guitarist dishes out a powerful and scathing solo contrasting the song’s inherent lightness, before things mellow down as the track readies for its conclusion.

The band unveiled the song during an appearance on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 program. Flowers said that the lyrics took inspiration from his recent move to Utah, away from his Las Vegas hometown. “I was having this sort of hunch or impression that that was something that I was supposed to do for my family. And it was hard for me because I’m an ambassador for [Vegas] — and so it was tough for me to leave, and I thought I was able to harness that energy and there was a sort of a relief when it happened, and you kind of feel that the spirit in ‘Caution,’” the frontman said.

The Killers’ upcoming studio album, Imploding The Mirage, will be set for release on May 29.