The History Behind Stevie Nicks and George Harrison’s Relationship

The History Behind Stevie Nicks and George Harrison’s Relationship | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the late 1970s, Fleetwood Mac, a band already enjoying considerable success before the release of their groundbreaking album Rumours, found themselves in the midst of a vibrant music scene.

Stevie Nicks, the iconic singer-songwriter of Fleetwood Mac, had the privilege of interacting with several renowned musicians, many of whom she had long admired. Among these musical luminaries were The Beatles, a band that had left an enduring mark on Nicks and countless others, despite their breakup in 1970.

As fate would have it, in 1977, around the time when Rumours was making waves, Nicks seized a unique opportunity to spend quality time with a former member of The Beatles. This serendipitous encounter unfolded in the picturesque setting of Acapulco, Mexico, during a Warner Bros. music industry convention.

This rendezvous added an extra layer of significance to an already momentous period for Fleetwood Mac, showcasing the intersection of musical legacies and the camaraderie that transcends generations in the dynamic world of rock and roll.

Stevie Nicks’ favorite Beatle

While Nicks had the privilege of meeting multiple members of The Beatles at various points in her career, her encounters with these legendary musicians marked distinct moments in her life. 

Among the Fab Four, it was George Harrison who left a lasting impression on the songstress and ultimately became her favorite Beatle. Although she doesn’t recall ever crossing paths with Paul McCartney, she did have the opportunity to spend time with drummer Ringo Starr on multiple occasions.

The significance of Nicks’ connection to The Beatles is underscored by the fact that her 1981 hit, “Edge of Seventeen”, was partially inspired by the tragic death of John Lennon. This profound event, which occurred at the hands of assassin Mark David Chapman a year prior, influenced the emotional depth of her songwriting.

Despite these intermittent encounters with former Beatles, it was her meeting with George Harrison, often referred to as the “quiet Beatle”, that marked the commencement of a lifelong friendship between the two musicians.

A connection forged through quality time together

In Stevie’s own account, the bond between her and George was forged through the simple act of spending quality time together. In addition to their meeting in Mexico, the two musicians shared moments in Hawaii. However, it was their time together in Acapulco that solidified the depth of their friendship.

Notably, both Nicks and Harrison shared a penchant for staying up late into the night — Nicks was renowned for retiring in the early morning hours, while Harrison enjoyed tending to his garden at midnight.

The shared experience of being awake during the late hours provided the perfect setting for meaningful conversations and mutual exploration of each other’s personalities. Nicks, speaking through Far Out Magazine, fondly described Harrison as “handsome, debonair, and funny”. 

According to Nicks, all the Beatles possessed a unique charm that was irresistibly appealing and easy to be around. However, it was Harrison who stood out for her, creating a sense of familiarity and connection in such a short time. “You didn’t know him, then you’ve known him 15 minutes, and you feel like you’ve known him a long time,” Nicks expressed.

George helped Stevie adjust to fame

Among the various subjects that Nicks talked about during her late-night conversations with Harrison was the exploration of life as a renowned musician. Reflecting on this, Nicks later shared, “I had been famous for not even quite three years, and we were talking with George about being famous and what it meant.”

A noteworthy and amusing incident from their time together in Mexico was recounted by Nicks to Far Out Magazine. Standing by the pool, Harrison astutely observed, “They are coming for us, they are going to try to push us into that pool.”

Responding to the potential poolside antics, Harrison placed his hand on Nicks’ back and suggested, “Absolutely, they’ll throw us in the pool, so let’s get away from the pool,” recounted Nicks, illustrating the camaraderie and shared understanding they developed.

During one of these late-night rendezvous, the duo decided to channel their creative energies and write music together. Their collaborative effort resulted in the creation of “Here Comes the Moon”, a solo tune by Harrison that served as a sequel, in a sense, to The Beatles’ classic “Here Comes the Sun”. Nicks fondly reminisced about those moments, emphasizing the organic blend of hanging out, writing, singing, and engaging in heartfelt conversations that characterized their collaborative musical endeavor.

Stevie carries a photo of George with her

The bond nurtured during their time in Mexico held such profound significance for Stevie that even after George’s passing in 2001 from cancer, she continues to carry a photograph of him with her during every tour. 

Nicks revealed, “There’s lots of nights where you kind of go, ‘I wish I didn’t have to go on stage tonight, I’m tired, I don’t feel like doing it’, and I look at George Harrison… and I go: ‘Well, you just have to, because it’s important, it’s important to make people happy’.”

These poignant moments with the late Beatles guitarist, songwriter, and solo artist contribute to why Nicks regards Harrison as her favorite Beatle.

Expressing this sentiment, Nicks conveyed through Far Out Magazine, “Because I knew him the best and because I had some nice moments with him.” Regrettably, despite the musical collaborations they shared, none of the material they wrote or recorded together was officially released.