Malcolm Young Calls Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans “So Bad”

Malcolm Young Calls Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans “So Bad” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Coda Collection recently unveiled a hidden gem—a never-before-published interview with the late Malcolm Young, co-founder of the iconic rock band AC/DC. In this candid conversation, Young delves into the band’s early days, musical influences, and the game-changing arrival of the legendary Bon Scott.

AC/DC’s Humble Beginnings

Malcolm Young reflects on the band’s modest origins in the early 1970s, emphasizing their primary objective of entertaining people.

“All we were doing is trying to entertain people,” recalls Young. “People paid money for tickets, and we’ve never forgotten that. Anything after that was a bonus.”

Musical Influences and Blues Roots

Growing up in Australia in the ’60s, Young discusses the challenge of feeling cut off from the world.

“You felt cut off from the rest of the world in the early ’60s,” he says. “We related to what the blues singers were saying. It was just about everyday life, and that pushed a button. We just fell right into it.”

Formation of AC/DC with Angus

Revealing the early differences in musical preferences between him and Angus, Young states,

“I was more into THE BEATLES and STONES, and Angus was more into the heavier stuff, Hendrix and CREAM, with the lead guitar.” Despite this, they found common ground and created a unique sound. “When Angus came in, it was a big piece. He hadn’t come into his stage act yet. George and my sister helped him a lot with that.”


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Early Shows and Winning Over Audiences

Describing the rowdy Australian club scene, Young reminisces,

“We had a good thing with the clubs. Rowdy, mad, brawling Aussies… It made Angus do it more. By the end of the night, everyone was won over.” The band’s strategy was simple: “As long as they were up dancing, we were doing our job.”

Harmony Between Malcolm and Angus

Discussing their roles as guitar players, Young explains,

“I was more into the chord thing, the complete song, rather than the individual part. Angus was more into the rock world. Straightaway I said, ‘This is great.’ There was never any question.”

Working with Brother Angus

Dispelling any dramatic notions, Malcolm talks about working with a sibling.

“Brothers do fight, but there is a closeness too,” he says. “Within the band, a little bit of aggro rears its ugly head. But it’s certainly not a major problem for AC/DC.”

Bon Scott’s Impact

Paying tribute to Bon Scott, Malcolm reveals,

“Bon basically took charge, to be honest. He was older and he’d been around in another band. He was the man of experience. He had bigger plans.”

The interview with Malcolm Young provides an intimate look into the early struggles, triumphs, and the transformative impact of Bon Scott on AC/DC. As fans explore this newfound treasure from The Coda Collection, they gain a deeper appreciation for the resilience and creativity that forged AC/DC’s path to rock ‘n’ roll immortality.