The Events That Happened As Bernie Marsden Left Whitesnake

The Events That Happened As Bernie Marsden Left Whitesnake | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bernie Marsden in an interview with Andertons - Andertons Music Co / Youtube

Whitesnake’s 1982 single “Here I Go Again” from the catalog Sinners and Saints hit ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden more than he could imagine. He recalls the events that surrounded its making on his autobiography, Where’s My Guitar. Did he really leave the band on his own accord?

Marsden prepared the song’s demo in a tape and presented it to bandmate Jon Lord, who then proceeded to replicate the progression on his Hammond organ while exclaiming, “You are a clever little sod, aren’t you?” Frontman David Coverdale then took charge of the lyrics in their time at Clearwell, where he focused his creative energies and sung the almost-complete song to a bewitched Marsden.

With the rest of the band working on the backing track, Whitesnake proceeded to have the album mixed by Guy Bidmead on Britannia Row. But Marsden was surprised to know that Coverdale was in talks with his lawyer, and that Micky Moody had already left the band. Not wanting to disappoint, Bidmead, Marsden, and Coverdale continued with the album. This time, Jon Lord and Ian Paice were missing in action, where they found out a few days later that the two had been horse racing at Ascot and Windsor, which dipped the morale even further. Marsden told Coverdale, “We might as well end all this, David, knock it all on the head, mate.”

So they planned to fire their managerial company, Seabreeze over a boardroom meeting. But just as the members were getting geared for the meeting, Coverdale doesn’t show up. So they commenced, with John Coletta representing Seabreeze, when he suddenly spoke. “Before you say anything, I have spoken with David’s lawyer this morning, and Whitesnake is over for you lot. You are out,” as he pointed at Murray, Paice, and then Marsden himself.

Still dumbfounded from the revelation, Coletta took advantage of the situation and had Marsden sign a new contract for his solo career. Only Jon Lord was left with Coverdale’s “Whitesnake”, with the sacked members being replaced. On the question of being fired or the band parting ways, Marsden ends it with a defiant note: “Well, you tell me. If I was indeed fired, then I am proud to say I was sacked at the same time as the best rock drummer in the entire world.”