1975’s The Who US Tour: Keith Moon And The Ladies

1975’s The Who US Tour: Keith Moon And The Ladies | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Who live at the Isle of Wight Festival, 1970 - Extazid / Youtube

Every rock star has had a great party or two in their lives, but only a few of them have been the life of such parties. One of these select few is The Who’s Keith Moon, who at the beginning of their 1975 US Fall tour had already baptized the band with debauchery and revelry rolled into one.

Moon had Pete Townshend and John Entwistle in tow for a party on November 20, 1975 at the Houston Oaks hotel, signifying the start of their month-long commitment in the US. They even went with their latest single as a theme, “Squeeze Box”, where Keith Moon was surrounded by topless women, his perfect atmosphere to thrive in. You can even check out the explicit snaps from the party by clicking here.

After the excess and extravagance of the party, however, The Who were back in business, beginning the string of shows at Houston’s indoor arena, The Summit. Their setlist was comprised of material from the recent The Who By Numbers, which turned out to be so great that the live performance was circulated in bootleg versions before finally seeing its official release in 2012.

The party happened after the show, which probably suggests the mood of the revelers which was fitting for the occasion. There have been rumors that the night ended with Moon in jail for disorderly conduct, but have yet to be proved.