The Classic Rock Songs About Bob Dylan

The Classic Rock Songs About Bob Dylan | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez - Dave Bing /YouTube

There’s no denying that Bob Dylan made a mark as the greatest and most influential singer-songwriter of all time. From across generations, Dylan’s legacy will always remain significant— either shared with his close friends and any artist that was influenced by his ways. Below is a selection of songs from different artists who wrote a piece of their mind to this freewheelin’ troubadour.

“Diamonds and Rust” – Joan Baez

“Diamonds and Rust” was Joan Baez’s response to any people who wanted to dish out her relationship with the legendary folk singer. While still on the duo’s heyday, she penned the song in dedication to “the most talented crazy person I have ever worked with”, Baez described.

“Song for Bob Dylan” – David Bowie

David Bowie’s song for Bob was a mix of his profound appreciation and utter disappointment to the singer. He was singing along the lines of “if Dylan can’t do anything about rock, then Bowie would step in”. And boy, did Bowie put an awesome job to it.

“Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs” – The Minutemen

The hardcore punk group from the 80s was among the youngsters who were influenced by Dylan. Even though folk and punk hardly connect, it was the singer’s wizardry in songwriting that encouraged Mike Watt, to compose political-driven songs.

“Talk to Me” – Joni Mitchell

For once, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan’s friendship were ideal, seeing as they were one of the biggest stars in every arena they could perform. Then all of a sudden, that deteriorated quickly. Mitchell’s disappointment with the singer was reflected in her song, “Talk to Me”.

“Telegram Sam” – T.Rex

Also sprouting in the glam rock genre was T.Rex, and unlike Bowie, opted to appreciate Dylan’s work with numerous praises in their song, “Telegram Sam”. Together with its cheerful beat, it deserves to be heard by any Dylan fan.

“Serve Yourself” – John Lennon

For someone who influenced the Beatles to a whole new level, of course, with Bob Dylan is significant to their work. But John Lennon wasn’t a fan of Dylan’s Christian period full of worship. One, in particular, was “Gotta Serve Somebody” by Bob Dylan, and Lennon’s response was this song.

“Bob Dylan Blues” – Syd Barrett

The song was said to have been inspired after Syd went to a Bob Dylan concert. The song would be written in 1965, right that the moment of his catastrophic use of LSD, but the song wouldn’t be released until 2001.

“Hey Bobby” – Country Joe and the Fish

One of the earliest tribute songs for the troubadour in the early 70s, Country Joe and Fish’s “Hey Bobby” song was about their request to bring back Dylan’s power of music again. During this time, Dylan didn’t bother to write as much as he does before, and fans were disappointed.