The Best Songs In Bob Seger’s 1st Solo 1971 Album

The Best Songs In Bob Seger’s 1st Solo 1971 Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Seger at a Tampa Bay, Florida show, 2015 - Dolores Lowe / Youtube

Highly regarded as one of the most influential rock acts in the industry, Bob Seger has proven his mettle as an excellent artist and composer time and time again. Hit’s like “Turn The Page”, “Night Moves”, and “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” became concert staples and widely popular among the masses, but just like any other artist, Seger has more obscure catalogs that are as important. Seger’s first solo album Brand New Morning, wasn’t even a rock record. Fans were surprised with the creative detour, but it was Seger’s way out from a binding contract with Capitol Records. The album proved to be a vital point of transition for him though, and helped in polishing his songwriting prowess. Here are some of the best tracks on Bob Seger’s unlikely solo album.

“Brand New Morning”

The title track starts off as a calm reverie, but as soon as it hits the chorus, Seger’s moving vocals stretch out to provide emotional power, augmented by the soothing acoustic guitar progression. The buildup just before the second verse is a tasteful touch, courtesy of Seger’s budding compositional skill.

“Maybe Today”

In this track, Seger makes use of his piano poignantly, and a melodic dissonance surfaces, with his choice of a minor scale in contrast to the vocal progression. The sinister ensemble constantly counters Seger’s soulful vocals, which leads on to a heartfelt solo, before Seger breaks out again to conclude the track.


This solemn track captures the true beauty of an acoustic arrangement perfectly. Beautifully-timed guitar parts carry the fleeting progression lightly, while Seger’s vocal parts are finely restrained, making the track a simple yet enjoyable composition with a laid-back feel to it.

“Railroad Days”

A song of reminiscence, Bob Seger starts of with an upbeat tempo, a circular progression with lyrics about the days of youth. Drum parts surface occasionally, providing even more feel to the bittersweet emotion the song conveys. Seger’s consistent and effortless power in his vocals provide this song the signature sound of his future compositions.

“Song For Him”

Seger’s true rocker spirit surfaces in this track, with rigid guitar progressions that are chord-heavy, and vocals that strain to highlight the song’s message of realization and acceptance. Seger’s powerful voice really shines through in this brash, unadulterated record that shows some of his most underrated compositions.