The Beatles Version Portrayed In “Get Back” Terrified Historian

The Beatles Version Portrayed In “Get Back” Terrified Historian | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Up until the release of The Beatles’ Get Back documentary, all of the stories that revolved around the end of the band’s era were smeared with a bad reputation. History books and even rumors that circled told us that the Fab Four couldn’t see each other eye to eye towards the end. And although there were laughs ahead, all the four members allegedly “couldn’t stand” each other during the Let It Be sessions.

And with all the appreciation needed, we owe Peter Jackson a huge thank you as he single-handedly erased all the negative notions to The Beatles, via the 3-part documentary.

In this honest-to-goodness manifestation of feelings from a journalist named Greg Jenner, he, just like everyone else who watched the film, was shocked by the revelations that surrounded The Beatles. For him, he thought of Jackson’s editing as a line from “Hey Jude,” which was to “take a sad song and make it better.”

“He has transposed a tragedy into the major key, and his Beatles aren’t the band I read about or even the one The Beatles themselves remember being,” Jenner wrote. “There are no explosive punch-ups, catty insults or boots slammed into amplifiers. When negativity looms, it’s more weariness than anger, and Get Back is mostly a charming, funny, glorious, and compellingly boring survey of friendship, procrastination, and the logistics of making music on a deadline.”

Jenner supported his claim, saying that as a historian himself, the surrounding air was terrifying. “What if we’ve got everything else wrong?” he questioned himself. The film Let It Be taught us that the end was a grim moment for The Beatles, and for 50 years, people have believed it. And then, with Get Back, everything was turned upside down.

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