The Allman Brothers Performs “Midnight Rider” In The Grand Opera House

The Allman Brothers Performs “Midnight Rider” In The Grand Opera House | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Allman Brothers on MV / Youtube

Check out the Allman Brothers Band nailing “Midnight Rider” in a performance at the Grand Opera House back in 1973. The video provided below is uploaded by the band’s YouTube channel.

It’s hard not to dwell on the past if the past is as good and as remarkable as these Southern-rock pioneers. 48 years ago, something riveting happened inside the halls of the historic opera house in Macon, Georgia when the Allman Brothers Band roused the crowd with their songs “Midnight Rider” and “Southbound.” The former, which was a Gregg Allman signature, was also written by the musician in the midst of battling his own demons, and to remind one’s self to keep going. The song was first released in 1971, but it didn’t receive further success until Gregg’s solo version in 1973, which became synonymous to him from then onwards.

It had been 2 years since the devastating death of Gregg’s brother, Duane, through a motorcycle accident. Duane was still present in the midst of Each A Peach sessions, and the follow-up album Brothers and Sisters was released a year after. To promote the latter album, the band went live on their performances, which was their forte, seeing as they’re among the greatest live bands at this point.

Back then, Macon was just a small town that made it big thanks to the powers of the Allman brothers. Fame never went into their heads, continuing to provide top-tier performances to those people who want access to their songs, be it locally or internationally. And that’s not forgetting the greatness of the band in performing “Midnight Rider.” Although Gregg truly shone on the spotlight, the others didn’t forget how to light theirs as well seeing how incredible their chemistry was onstage.

Watch the video below.