The 5 Takeaways Going Back To The Music Of Elvis In The 60s

The 5 Takeaways Going Back To The Music Of Elvis In The 60s | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elvis Presley in an interview - Media Collection / Youtube

The King of Rock n’ Roll had a massive personality within him, and it reflected well with his music. Oozing with charisma, Elvis Presley was certainly the poster child for rock n’ roll, and 60’s music in general. But behind the bright lights and the silver screen, Presley had a lot more to show, especially with his personal relationships. Here are some of the King’s prominent traits that comprised his daily dealings with people around him.


It has been public knowledge that Elvis has a big heart, especially for the needy. He was known for having a Utopian mindset, and did everything in his power, albeit sometimes impractical, to realize this dream of his. The King was a philanthropist and humanitarian when he wasn’t out rocking the stage.


Elvis had a knack for looking at the bigger picture. He didn’t look at the tree, but rather the forest. This makes people gravitate to him, seeing their worth in someone who knows better. But with this comes the downsides, as Elvis was too trusting and didn’t bother with the tiny details that some people took advantage of.


It is impossible to imagine the King without any romance involved. But just as he prefers it, this romanticism involves more than just personal relationships, but on a much more grander scale, taking his dreams and aspirations into account. This sort of narcissistic personality often puts him in a bad situation, often leading to finger-pointing due to his expectations not being fulfilled.


As with big stars, their fortune often entails extravagant spending and such. Elvis was no exception to the rule, with his attachment in his property and relationship investments causing him grief at the sign of deterioration or the risk of severing ties. This would later lead to his life spiraling out of control in his final years.


You can’t be the King of Rock n’ Roll if you don’t have the drive to hit your goals, much more surpass them. Elvis’ high ambitions allowed him to deal with career setbacks with minimal worries, bouncing back from every challenge with more tenacity than ever. This is also the reason why he takes part in planning his road map, ensuring goals are hit with surgical precision.