The 2 Secret Voices You Might Have Realized Are Legends In “Heart Of Gold”

The 2 Secret Voices You Might Have Realized Are Legends In “Heart Of Gold” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Young live in 1971 - GatoFelix1300 / Youtube

Neil Young doesn’t have a particular signature song, but his 1972 hit “Heart Of Gold” came close to that idea. The song is a single from his seminal album Harvest and remains as the singer’s only no. 1 single in the U.S. But apart from its well-written lyrics and beloved tune, did you also know that there were 2 also legendary artists who lend their voices for it?

It was none other than Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor! The trio was spotted in the same place, Nashville, visiting the studio of Johnny Cash’s TV Show to record an episode. Elliot Mazer, the producer to Ronstadt’s Silk Purse and owner of Quadrafonic Studios, knew both the singer and Young, also organized an impromptu recording session per Young’s wishes. The events happened on Feb. 6 and 7, and it was everything that one could imagine.

Taylor and Ronstadt came to the studio after most of the session players went home and overdubbed the blending vocals much like how Young wanted it. Ronstadt recalled the session in an interview with Mojo. “We sang all night, the highest notes I could sing,” she said. “It was so hard, but nobody minded. It was dawn when we walked out of the studio.”

Check out the trio’s work below.