The 10 Worst Solo Album By Rock Legends

The 10 Worst Solo Album By Rock Legends | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Just like ordinary people, rock legends do have a knack for committing mistakes in their life. But unlike the rest of us, their errors are usually plastered in the annals of history, that whatever they’d do next can be critical, as haters love to dig dirt just to tarnish their own career. However, we’re obliged to assume that for these 10 worst solo albums, it’s the musician’s own shovels that were being used for the digging. Care to know what these are? Check them out below.


Two Sides of the Moon (1975) – Keith Moon

Moon the Loon, always on the in for the roughest ride of his life. And it goes to show that he’s also in for the roughest album in the history of music, with covers that are was too blah for someone’s appeal.

Let Me Rock You (1982) – Peter Criss

Peter Criss’s 3rd studio album was as revolting as you could ever think. Aside from that, the awkward pop-rock and sugary ballads are not for anyone’s taste.

Oh Yes I Can (1989) – David Crosby

David Crosby may have wanted to share his thoughts while taking the road to sobriety so he made an album about it. But while the thought is genuine, the songs were quite different than what the usual Crosby-penned songs were.

Radio K.A.O.S. (1987) – Roger Waters

While we would never, ever, tarnish Roger Waters’ role in molding the essence of Pink Floyd, we’re quite driven to do it when he released his sophomore solo album Radio K.A.O.S. In all honesty, it was nothing compared to how magnificent he is in creating songs during the Pink Floyd era.

Standing in the Spotlight (1989) – Dee Dee Ramone

No, there’s no bashing against Dee Dee Ramone’s effort in the formation of punk rock, but this album? Come on. It recounts the singer as a wannabe “rapper” that totally differs from the empire you just built.

The Golden Scarab (1974) – Ray Manzarek

Some people could prove to you that this is the “worst of the worst” album in the classic rock genre. Manzarek attempts to refuel his life after the Doors, which was not only insulting but funny as well. But whatever, at least we have this album to keep in our archives.

Two the Hard Way (1977) – Gregg Allman & Cher

It’s not exactly a “solo” album, but it’s still the worst. Who would’ve thought that Cher and Gregg Allman would marry, let alone release an album?

Gone Troppo (1982) – George Harrison

We could all admit that for once in the life of The Beatles, they’ve produced some of the worst albums known to man. George Harrison’s contender would be his 1982 LP Gone Troppo, which is the Aussie slang for gone mad. The title couldn’t be more right.

The Madcap Laughs (1970) – Syd Barrett

Let’s put some perspective here, The Madcap Laughs was at its worst and is nothing compared to the previous works of Barrett. But we’ll give him a pass for this one since his effort for the foundation of Pink Floyd will never go unnoticed.

KooKoo (1981) – Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry’s debut outside of her new wave band Blondie became an opportunity for the scheming companies to manipulate the collection and would turn out to be disappointing. The style, theme, and arrangement for the album were a cut below the rest.