The 10 Types Of Classic Rock Guitarists

The 10 Types Of Classic Rock Guitarists | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, live in Texas, 1989 - lucas lp / Youtube

Rock music isn’t complete without an axeman who provides the hard hitting progression and riffs needed to be a true-blue rocker outfit. Over the genre’s wide reach over the music industry, bands and solo acts have contributed their fair share of guitar personalities that have made their mark as standards, or stereotypes for guitarists. Here are some of the most notable personalities you might have spotted during your recent concert attendance!

The Show-Off

This guy gives you a condensed pre-show performance, even before the venue opens to the public. The sound check becomes his own concert, testing each and every one of his effects pedals with a solo, a scale run, or a riff he ripped off from several songs. A bit over the top, you might say.

King of Riffs

Mostly spotted on heavy metal or hard rock acts, the King of Riffs likes his power chords raw. This personality brings on the overdrive to the table, with highly-distorted, gritty tone, often done in conclusion with a severe headbang session.


Just when you thought slappers only had licenses for the bass, think again. This personality uses the heavier strings with his slap technique with such gusto and energy, the guitar could probably file a lawsuit for domestic violence. They can be spotted in funk rock bands, giving disco a run for its money.

The Showman

Not to be confused with the Show-Off, the Showman isn’t your average guitar player. Emitting an aura that attracts a crowd as soon as he plays the first chord, the Showman doesn’t even need to try to be flashy. He just stands their, enjoying his playing, while the crowd stands in awe, enjoying the sight and sound of him.


See what we did there? The Djentlemen are some sort of a reclusive species of guitar players, cordoned off by their love of djent. These guys can be spotted in some sort of hypnotic trance while playing djent progressions, sometimes toying with their machine heads while performing, for that authentic djent feel.

The Virtuoso

Majestic beings, some say. High musical intellect and technical mastery flows through these guitarists, with special emphasis on feel. These players are often spotted with their eyes shut, and carrying their axe with precise brashness and subtlety while playing lofty solos and arrangements.

The Speed Demon

Whether it be playing arpeggios or just mindless tapping on the fretboard, the Speed Demon does so with blistering fast speed. Face-melting shreds and riffs are just part of the Speed Demon’s arsenal, with legends telling tales of accursed hands that carried the power of storms within them.


The lick counterpart of the King of Riffs. Cycling through what seems an endless barrage of rotating notes, the Icky-Licky shows off his mastery of fretboard memorization. These players shine on certain parts of the song, then grumble as the main progression goes along, waiting for the next lick part to come.

Simple Man

We’re not talking about the Skynyrd record here. The Simple Man likes his riffs and solos as basic or easy as possible. Burdened by the thought of underperforming or just plain laziness, the Simple Man is content with his four chord progressions and regular timed arrangements.

The Fender-Bender

The Fender-Bender isn’t just a brand exclusive syndrome. These type of players are obsessed with string bending a la Gilmour, bending notes at every chance they get. Coupled with some tremolo action, the Fender-Bender is in love with the idea of sound manipulation by controlling the string length.