The 10 Greatest Songs From The Steve Miller Band

The 10 Greatest Songs From The Steve Miller Band | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Steve Miller Band has continuously delivered as a premier rock outfit. During their prime, they created songs that grooved and had lyrics that were easy to sing along to, without being limited to any particular musical style. With their songs serving as evidence of their innovating style that grows each decade, we dive into these 10 greatest songs by the one and only.


“The Joker” – The Joker (1973)

The title track of the 1973 album, The Joker, was a worldwide smash when it was released in 1973. Reasonably so, too. The song combines lovely lyrics with brilliant music in a bluesy psychedelic style.

“Fly Like An Eagle”Fly Like An Eagle (1976)

The band takes a shift with “Fly Like An Eagle,” which is effortlessly cool and indisputably sweet. The song, quiet and cosmic, is a departure from the band’s usual rock sound and a trip into uncharted territory. (

“Rock’n Me”Fly Like An Eagle (1976)

Another Steve Miller Band classic, its repeated refrain of “keep on-a rockin’ me, baby” makes you not want to sing. Moreover, the radio-friendly and vacation-appropriate popular song is more infectious than the virus.

“Take The Money And Run”Fly Like An Eagle (1976)

The band’s record includes a few narrative tracks, like “Take The Money And Run,” an alluring smash that recalls the exploits of Bonnie and Clyde. Another track from Fly Like An Eagle, the song is about a couple of bandits named Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue who have nothing better to do but steal money and run away together.

“Serenade”Fly Like An Eagle (1976)

While the band’s other popular songs get more attention, Serenade is still a staple in their discography. Also from Fly Like an Eagle, but lesser-known, this song is a spacey rock ballad that does not disappoint.

“Dance, Dance, Dance” – Fly Like An Eagle (1976)

“Dance, Dance, Dance,” a track on the band’s hit-studded 1976 studio album Fly Like An Eagle, feels like a breath of air with extra freshness. Albeit short, it still gives you the right amount of groove that you need.

“Jet Airliner” – Book of Dreams (1977)

The song “Jet Airliner,” which first appeared on the band’s album Book of Dreams in 1977, is one of the numerous singles that have made the band famous. It is well-liked for its mid-tempo rhythms and lyrics that are simple to sing along with.

“Jungle Love” – Book of Dreams (1977)

“Jungle Love” is a rock song that starts with a synthetic bird song and then explodes into a fantastic beat-driven chorus. The song is rowdy yet still gives you a good time listening to it.

“Swingtown” – Book of Dreams (1977)

“Swingtown” from the 1977 album Book of Dreams was a huge success thanks to its catchy hooks and memorable arrangement. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” a smash in 1980, is widely believed to have been influenced by the song’s iconic riff.

“Abracadabra” – Abracadabra (1982)

Their 1982 single “Abracadabra” was a smash, even if it wasn’t quite known as rock and roll gold. Miller said in an interview that Diana Ross and the Supremes were an influence on the song; during one of his Sun Valley ski trips, he ran across Ross and “skied down off the mountain to go have lunch. I had played with Diana Ross and the Supremes on Hullabaloo in the ’60s, and I started thinking about the Supremes and I wrote the lyrics to ‘Abracadabra’ in 15 minutes.”