The 10 Band Reunion Fails

The 10 Band Reunion Fails | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy Osbourne in an interview with ABC - ABC11 / Youtube

We have all, at some point in our lives, wished that our favorite bands would put their differences behind them and rediscover the spark that they had in the past but have since lost. While some have succeeded in doing so, others, unfortunately, haven’t. This does not say that the glory and the name of their group have long been forgotten by many, but some wounds are far too deep to forget; others have moved on with the new chapter in their lives that it makes no sense to revisit the olden days. This is why, with these 10 band reunion fails, we’re reminded that once and for all, rockstars are still like us.


10. My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance has remained unapologetically half-hearted with their work in the past, so when the band decided to rekindle their flame, it was a doubtful move. Yes, real fans adore them to the bone, but it’ll be hard for MCR to attract newly interested youngsters. (

9. Slade

When Slade decided to reunite without Jim Lea, it was a horrible move. The remaining Slade lacks the charm and the brilliance of songwriting, and it’s better if the audience wouldn’t have to deal with it.

8. Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne’s journey post-Black Sabbath is a successful one, so when the band decided to perform at the legendary Live Aid concert along with him, it sure wasn’t going smoothly. Osbourne realized how unkind he had been to his bandmates in the past, and the fact that he channeled that remorse into the performance.

7. Badfinger

It was tragic when guitarist Pete Ham took his own life. Being the lifeblood of his band, Badfinger, his death took a toll on the other members, who have to accept the fact that they have to carry on without him. Their single, “Love Is Gonna Come At Last” was only okay, but it wasn’t as good as how Ham would’ve carried it.

6. The Beatles

Those singles from the 1990s where the Beatles got back together were terrible, let’s be honest. Two of the songs: “Real Love” and “Free As a Bird” were only okay, but it sounded as though the makers were all too lazy or disinterested in doing it – which was altogether true for the band’s case.

5. Small Faces

The new version of Small Faces was terrible. They turned into the kind of band that they were supposed to get rid of. They also carried on a legacy of bad performances and old-fashioned singing styles that made them look outdated.

4. The Doors

Jim Morrison’s death looms so large that you really can’t imagine The Doors anymore without him. However, the remaining members of the group decided to give the reunion a shot at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – with Eddie Vedder replacing Morrison. The new Doors’ approach was different and unfamiliar; you would think it was a mistake that they’d thought of the get-together in the first place.

3. 10cc

The early 90s saw the reunification of 10cc. According to Graham Gouldman, they did an album based “on market research that our record company had done, that said a new 10cc album would do really, really well. And, ah, history has proved that wrong.” Even with the involvement of Paul McCartney in writing, it isn’t enough to salvage the fame that the band needs.

2. The Byrds

By the time The Byrds decided to get back together in 1989, they were a relic of a heyday that had very little in common with the 1960s glory. Additionally, critics took issue with the band’s decision to get back together in the first place.

1. Led Zeppelin

Another one that’s taken out of the Live Aid history books was the highly-anticipated reunion of Led Zeppelin five years since the death of their drummer, John Bonham. There’s nothing better than you could expect from this performance other than Robert Plant’s professionalism. And yes, it’s a bit unfair for Phil Collins to be at the receiving end of all the hate.